Dianne Baker: Paintings / Drawings

 The inspirations for these paintings come from the people, the  animals, the environment surrounding the rural life and from places visited. Many of the works blend drawing with painting using colour, line and texture. You will see that some works are representational while others are abstract renditions of a theme. 

Exhibition:    Wallace Gallery Morrinsville.   Jan 15th until Feb 11th 2015.   See next page for photos.

You are now viewing the website of the New Zealand artist Dianne Baker. You will be able to view the paintings and drawings of this contemporary artist, that reflect a rural life lived close to the North Island city of Hamilton, New Zealand.   

A visit to The Oaks Studio / Gallery can be arranged.   Phone NZ 07 8590030.   Visit the ongoing development of an artist's garden designed by Wendy Twine :   www.wendy@twinelandscapes.co.nz   This has been a 4 year project so far.

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  Waikato Times Reviews:

"....but rarely do we see cattle or sheep, mobs or otherwise, as part of the landscape. Dianne Baker's tribute to the domestic cow goes some distance towards redressing the imbalance, working in various media with admirable ingenuity..."

"....It is an ingenious display from a painter thoroughly in tune with her rural surroundings full of ideas presented without concessions to mere prettiness."

Anne McEwan:
"In the work of Baker and Ellery, the common thread is their mutual interest in the relationship between painting and drawing ....... Both artists handle paint confidently and use colour effectively."



The art works placed on this website can be viewed on the Gallery pages titled Paintings & Drawings: Rural New Zealand and  Earth, Fire, Water & Air etc.  and are further placed according to the themes they have been painted under.   You can also view  Feature Art works. 

  NB All art works on this site are copyright to Dianne D. Baker, the artist.


Reference Artists for Dianne Baker:

R.Diebenkorn, (particularly his drawings,) Picasso, Matisse, Colin McCahon, Motherwell, Cave Drawings of various cultures, S. Rothenberg, A. Tapies, J. Maddon, R. Ellis and many others in NZ and internationally.


Tourists,  international visitors and  NZ visitors:

You are welcome to contact Dianne Baker to visit The Oaks Studio, on State Highway 1B between Auckland and Cambridge.   Packaging and shipment can be organised for overseas and national transportation of art works purchased.    

Purchases can be made by following the instructions on my contact page. 


  Dianne   D.   Baker

  The Oaks Studio,
Marshmeadow Road,
Newstead, SH 1B,
New Zealand

NZ  Phone: +64  7  859 00 30

email: bakeroaks "at" farmside.co.nz


  'Passage of Fire' from the series about the Californian Redwood.  

     Mixed Media on paper.   420 x 594 mm.   Price Bracket B

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

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